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Journal Of Emergency

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Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-07

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Analisa tingkat rasionalitas transfusi darah pada pelayanan operasi gawat darurat Di instalasi rawat darurat rsu dr. Soetomo

Analisa tingkat rasionalitas transfusi darah pada pelayanan operasi gawat darurat Di instalasi rawat darurat rsu dr. Soetomo

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  1. Rindu Anggara Parulian Napitupulu --> Mahasiswa /
  2. Eddy Rahardjo --> Dosen /

Abstract :

Background: Trauma had been considered as the major cause of death in productive age, mostly fatal due to an excessive hemorrhage, likewise maternal mortality related to bleeding is also high. Excessive hemorrhage can be resolved by stopping the source of bleeding, or by fluid rescucitation including blood transfusion. A rational blood transfusion given to the patients will give more benefits and helps to avoid transfusion adverse reactions by monitoring base excess as a safety measure. Method: An observational study was performed, observing rationality of blood tranfused by PPDS I Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation. During 50 days of this study there were 42 subjects matching the inclusion criteria, thus divided into two groups, 29 subjects underwent transfusion and 13 subjects with no transfusion. Transfusion outcomes such as hemodinamic and Hemoglobin improvement, also Hematocrit adjusted to each subject’s comorbidity are used as parameters for rational transfusion, with the evaluation of base excess as it safety measure. Result: This study shows that 69% subjects from group underwent transfusion, had a rational transfusion, 21% experienced over transfusion and 10% had been under transfused. Meanwhile, from the other group with no transfusion are 100% rational, because even if subjects were not being transfused, their hemodinamic parameters are relatively stable and laboratorium results are still tolerable. Summary: Rational blood transfusion has only achieved 69% from the total transfusion performed during this study, the rest are not rational. Fluid rescucitation to the group with no transfusion were working well, so even transfusion were not subjected, their condition were stable.

Keyword :

hemorrhage, hemodinamic parameters, hemoglobin, rational transfusion. , comorbidity,

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