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Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan & Kelautan

ISSN : 2085-5842

Volume 6 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2014-04

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  1. Effect of different glycerol concentration in skim milk and egg yolk diluter for storage process of frozen semen on sperm motility and viability of catfish (pangasius pangasius)
  2. Substitution of soybean meal with sword bean seed meal (canavalia ensiformis) on growth, survival rate and feed efficiency of red tilapia
  3. Monitoring of fishery with fishing gear troling line in the prigi nusantara fishing port, trenggalek district, east java province
  4. Total of bacteria in digestive organ of gurami fish (osphronemus gouramy) by administering a different commercial feed
  5. Albumin level test and snakehead fish (channa striata) growth with different commercial feed protein level
  6. Ibm for seed shrimp farmers family scale (backyard) in kalitengah village, tanggulangin district, sidoarjo region, that harvesting lossed to long times that caused by the diseases
  7. Antifungal potential test of celery leaves juice (apium graveolens l) against aspergilllus terreus by in vitro
  8. Metal detection of lead in tilapia (oreochromis niloticus) along the kalimas river in surabaya
  9. The present effect of different probiotics on commercial feed towards growth and feed efficiency of sangkuriang catfish (clarias sp.)
  10. The effect of stocking density on survival rate and grow rate of aquaponic system
  11. Ibm for traditional shrimp farmers in masaran village, banyuates district, sampang region, that capital losted by shrimp dead cases continuoesly
  12. Morphological variation of lernaea holdfast infest gouramy in east java
  13. Digestibility value of crude fiber and nitrogen free extract (nfe) for different commercial feed in gouramy (osphronemus goramy lac.) using surgical technique
  14. Bioactivity essential oil of bandotan leaf (ageratum conyzoides) on koi (cyprinus carpio) physiological responses (blood glucose and tachiventilation)
  15. Isolation and identification of bacterial in the digestive organ of gurami fish (osphronemus gouramy) with different commercial feed
  16. The secondary metabolites potential of infusum durian’s (durio zibethinus) leaves effect to survival rate of nila (oreochromis niloticus) on the livefish dry transport system
  17. Analysis of heavy metal content of lead (pb) and cadmium (cd) shells on green (perna viridis l.) on water district ngemboh gresik east java