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Past life is a historical note that cannot be neglected and it will be a reference when an author creates a work. Past life is valuable to make readers feel the same situation as the referred event. That is an allusion and most authors, especially poets, use it in their works. Allusion is a means of reinforcing the emotion or the ideas of one’s own work with the emotion or ideas of another work or occasion.
Allusion, as the name of this issue, will contain some analysis concerning literary works discussed by applying theoretical concepts relevant with the topics of discussion of the works of literature. The discussion might be based on the structure or the intrinsic elements of the work that actually, the work itself is very autonomous as the source of analysis; while other discussions may also use any other approaches and theories from post-structuralism to post-colonialism and even queer theory.
One of the chief merits of this issue is that the readers, specifically students of English Department, will be aware that literary works as the result of human’s feeling and emotion can be analyzed theoretically and academically.

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