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The Role of Laparoscopy Surgery in Infertility

Vol. 43 / No. 3 / Pub. 2007-07 / Folia Medica Indonesiana
Author: Budi Santoso,  

Ratio of Bcl-2/Bax Expression and the Changing of Endometrial Gland of Rattus novergicus at a Model of PCOS with Flutamide and MPA Therapy

Vol. 16 / No. 3 / Pub. 2001-01 / Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi
Author: Laurens David Paulus,  Budi Santoso,  Widjiati,  

Effect of Different Duration Administration of Testosterone on Insulin Resistance Index and Free Fatty Acid Concentration. An Experimental Study on PCOS in Rats.

Vol. 17 / No. 1 / Pub. 2001-01 / Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi
Author: Widjiati,  Dwinanto Ananda Muttaqin,  Budi Santoso,  

Compartion Study Between Animal Model SOPK and Normally Clycle is MMP-9, TIMP-1 Enzym Activities and Collagen Expression (an Experiment Study in Rat)

Vol. 13 / No. 1 / Pub. 2011-01 / BIOSAINS
Author: Budi Santoso,   R. Prajitno Prabowo,  Soetjipto,  Widjiati,  

Effect of Sambiloto Leaf Extract (Andrographis paniculata Ness) to Histopathological Pancreatic Langerhans Islet Cells on Rats (Rattus norvegicus) with Cystic Ovary Model

Vol. 7 / No. 2 / Pub. 2014-07 / Veterinaria Medika
Author: Portia Sumarsono,  Widjiati,  Sri Pantja Madyawati,  

Comparison of the Number and Size of the Dominant Follicles with Estradiol Levels on PCOS with Naltrexone and Clomiphene Citrate Therapy

Vol. 21 / No. 3 / Pub. 2013-09 / Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi
Author: Muhammad Nur,  Budi Santoso,  Samsulhadi,  

Comparison of HOMA-IR, Uterine and Spiral Artery Resistance and Endometrium in PCOS Patient with Clomiphen Citrate and Naltrexone Treatment

Vol. 21 / No. 3 / Pub. 2013-09 / Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi
Author: Akhmad Khof Albar,  Budi Santoso,  Agus Sulistyono,  Samsulhadi,