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Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-02

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Original Article :

An analysis of code switching occurred in a puppet show

Author :

  1. Nita Suryawati*1
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

This study aims to investigate the types, the factors, and the functions in employing code switching in a puppet show in Lamongan. The method used by the writer in conducting this study was by observing three times performances and interviewing a puppeteer. The data were collected by recording the performances and transcribing the utterances of the puppeteer on a paper. The data were classified by the writer into two types of code switching; situational code switching and metaphorical code switching based on Holmes’ theory (2001). The factors which influenced the use of code switching in this study such as participants, setting/scene, topic, and function were also identified by the writer through Holmes’ theory (2001). However, the writer used Gumperz’ theory in identifying the functions of code switching which occurred during performances. The results show that the use of code switching of Javanese-Indonesian during performances occurs frequently. The second, situational code switching is more frequent used by the characters of the puppet rather than metaphorical code switching; situational code switching were found about 58, while metaphorical code switching were found about 11. The third, the use of code switching by the characters of puppet are mostly influenced by the participant and the function. The last, situational code switching carries many functions such as interjection, message qualification, addressee specification, personalization versus objectification, and reiteration. Besides that, situational code switching also carries other functions such as motivating friends, giving advice, joking, making compliment and so on.    

Keyword :

Code, Code Switching, Metaphorical Code Switching, Situational Code Switching, Puppet,

References :

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