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Vol. 5 / No. 1 / Published : 2016-02

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Original Article :

Speech accommodation of karesidenan kediri speakers at english department universitas airlangga mataraman javanese to suroboyoan javanese style

Author :

  1. Annishah*1
  2. Ema Faiza*2
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya
  2. Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

Speaking with others, people tend to change their speech to or away from the interlocutor’s speech. This is called as speech accommodation. In English department Universitas Airlangga, there are many students coming from different areas. Some of them are from karesidenan Kediri. They bring their own culture and also the variety of Javanese. The Javanese that are used by them are different with the Javanese Surabaya variety. This study aims to reveal how the English students in Universitas Airlangga coming from karesidenan Kediri accommodate their speech toward their friends who come from surrounding areas of Surabaya. Furthermore, this study aims to explain the motivation of the speech accommodation. The theory that used is Speech Accommodation Theory (SAT) by Beebe & Giles (1984) and Holmes (2008). The result shows that the students coming from karesidenan Kediri converge and diverge through changing the vocabulary and pronunciation. The motivations to do convergence are desire to communicate efficiently and they want to increase the supportiveness and intelligibility with the interlocutors. Meanwhile, the motivations to do divergence are the desire to dissociate from the addressee, desire to have positive in group identity, and emotional topic. 

Keyword :

karesidenan Kediri, Mataraman Javanese variety, SAT, speech accommodation, Surabaya Javanese variety,

References :

Beebe, L. M., & Giles, H. ,(1984) Speech-accommodation theories: a discussion in term of second-language acquisition 5-32. : International Journal of Social Language

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Volume : 5 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2016-02
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