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Vol. 5 / No. 1 / Published : 2016-02

Order : 7, and page :47 - 54

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Original Article :

The use of dual gender personal pronouns: a comparative study between longman dictionary of american english (ldoae) and longman dictionary of contemporary english (ldoce)

Author :

  1. Norma Sholikah*1
  2. Anna Dewanti*2
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya
  2. Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

A number of studies show that there are various strategies for dealing with gender-neutrality. This research aims at discovering the use of dual gender personal pronouns in two dictionaries from two major national varieties of English: Longman Dictionary of American English (LDOAE) 4th Edition and Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE) 5th Edition. In this case, LDOAE represents American English and LDOCE represents British English. The researcher takes an interest in personal pronouns because they play important roles in creating the context of the definitions. The data were obtained through the use of electronic version of both dictionaries. The researcher takes the personal pronouns in LDOAE (s/he and him or her) as the basic data for comparison and describes their relation to LDOCE. The results show that the use of masculine and feminine pronouns (s/he and him or her) is highly favored in LDOAE. In contrast, singular they is highly preferred in LDOCE. Furthermore, LDOCE also applies more varied strategies for dealing with gender-neutrality, such as the use of generic you and he or she. There are several causes of differences between LDOAE and LDOCE in using dual gender personal pronouns, such as the attitude towards the prohibition of singular they and the influence of normative grammarians.

Keyword :

dual gender, personal pronouns, LDOAE, LDOCE,

References :

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