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Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-01

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Kesehatan reproduksi perempuan dalam perspektif antropologi budaya

Author :

  1. Pinky Saptandari*1
  1. Departemen Antropologi FISIP Unair

Abstract :

Abstract Reproductive health of women in cultural approaches through thought-provoking cultural anthropology and feminist perspective. Results of the study show that the views, understanding and public confidence about the body, women's health and sexuality contribute to the vulnerability of the body and reproductive health of women, as well as the rise of the body as well as the medicalization of the discourse of women's bodies. In this paper created anthropological thought mapping Henrietta Moore, Sherry Ortner, and Suzane j. Kessler Wendy Mc Kenna &., Anthony Synnott, Mary Douglas, Michael Winkelman, Emily Martin, Bryan Turner, and Christiane Northrup, to study the empirical data research results in Indonesia about the body and reproductive health of women. Some results of research on women's bodies and health carried out in Indonesia, researchers showed a rise of the dominance of patriarchal culture that affect the rise of the female body as discourse of medical bodies in reproductive health policy. Can be observed through the empris data that factor in the social, cultural, economic and political medicalization against simultaneously affirming women's bodies. The affairs of the biological functions of women related to pregnancy and childbirth gives rise to the definition of the characteristic and tend to be controversial about the body, sexuality and reproductive health of women.  Anthropological and feminist thought perspective shows that strong taboos about myths & body, sexuality and reproductive health of women cannot be released from the cultural construction of the role and functions, as well as the existence of women within the family structure and society is in a patriarchal ideology of domination.

Keyword :

reproductive, body, myth, women, feminist, anthropology,

References :

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Volume : 1 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2012-01
  1. Kesehatan Reproduksi Perempuan Dalam Perspektif Antropologi Budaya
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