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Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN 1978-760X

Vol. 10 / No. 1 / Published : 2018-01

Order : 5, and page :27 - 32

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Original Article :

The meaning of smoking for lecturers

Author :

  1. Endah Wahyuningsih*1
  1. Sociology Department, FISIP, University of Darul Ulum, Jombang

Abstract :

Smoking is a serious problem and needs immediate solutions in Indonesia. The solution comes from knowledge that aims at changing smoking habit. Knowledge, however, does not have the ability to change this smoking habit. This study is performed to identify the meaning of smoking for medical lecturers who have the knowledge regarding the dangers of smoking but continue doing it because of what they take as logically acceptable reasons. This study employs descriptive-qualitative method with 4 lecturers at STIKES Bahrul Ulum as the informants. The data collection method is through observation, and deep interview using interview guidelines. The data analysis takes qualitative analysis technique. The results obtained from the 4 informants revealed that they started smoking since young age as a sign of respect to their friends or people around them. They said that smoking provided more advantages compared to the disadvantages; thus, their smoking is supported by this knowledge. They argue that the negative impacts occurred due to other factors besides the smoking itself. Every informant excerpts that smoking becomes their way of releasing stress, relaxation and refreshing medium, wasting time activity, friendship expression, and inspirations for brilliant ideas. Smoking is just a snack, a business, a sharing medium instead of wastefulness, and worshipping medium to God (by gathering with others, facilitating introspection to get closer to God).

Keyword :

meaning, smoking, lecturers,

References :

Mulyana D,(2002) Interaksionisme Simbolik : Paradigma Baru Ilmu Komunikasi dan Ilmu Sosial Lainnya Bandung : PT Remaja Rosdakarya

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