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Vol. 14 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-04

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Original Article :

Concurrent validity of identification-with-pancasila scales among adolescents in jakarta

Author :

  1. Eko Aditya Meinarno*1
  2. Juneman*2
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Abstract :

The Indonesians identification with the Pancasila five-principle values as the country ideology  and foundation,  are  recently  continuously  questioned  by  many  people.  Corruption,  violence  due  to ethnicities  and  religions,  injustice,  unequal  access  to  education  and  health,  and  the  separation movements  in  some  regions  in  Indonesia  are obvious  examples of the  incidents  attributed  as the  loss of  the  Indonesians'  Pancasila  values.  On  the  other  hand,  Indonesians  are  also  known  for  their hospitality ,  helpfulness,  and  having  high  level  of  solidarity  when  they  are  facing  natural  disasters  or  in sport,  especially  when the  Indonesia  football  team  is  competing  with other  teams,  defending  the country.  In  the  paradoxical  social  situations,  this  research  is  held  and  its  purpose  is  to  generate  a  valid measurement  tool  to  find  an  index  for  Indonesians'  the  Pancasila-identification.  This  index  is expected to be a valid base for education and social interventions.  The interventions  purposes are to keep  and  improve  the  Pancasila-identification  in  Indonesians.  The  measurement  of  concurrent validation  was held  in  Jakarta  with 290  students  as  respondents.  They  were studying  in  different universities  and  given  the  reliable  Identification-with-Pancasila  Scales  (α  ≥  0.7).  They  are  from different  ethnicity  and  religion  background.  The  research  found  that  the  scale  is  valid  for  the  first,  the second, the fourth and the fifth principle (r ≥  0.3; p < 0.01) by using criteria (gold standard) scale A TGS,  IW AHS,  SDP  and  ANES.  For  the  third  principle  of  the  Pancasila-identification,  construct-suitable criteria  scale  is  needed  and  which  is  Nationalism  and  Patriotism's  Scale.

Keyword :

social desirability scale, Rasch model, optimum item information, -, -,

References :

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Volume : 14 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2012-04
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