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ISSN 1411-2671 (Cetak); 2310-7945 (Online)

Vol. 13 / No. 3 / Published : 2011-01

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Original Article :

Potency and entrepreneurship (ppe) training to develop the entrepreneurship skill of senior high school students

Author :

  1. Ilham Nur Alfian*1
  2. Cholichul Hadi*2
  3. Mula Kartika Yuda*3
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  5. -*5
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Abstract :

This research was an experimental research which was aimed to test the effectiveness of potencyand entrepreneurship (PPE) training to develop the entrepreneurship skill of Senior High SchoolStudents. The participants of this research were 35 students who were the members of 12nd class inNgawi Region Senior High School, who has personal intention to work and does not continuetheir bachelor program because of economical reason. There were just 18 of 35 subjects thatappropriate to be participant on further analysis, because of their attendance at the wholeexperiment process in this research. The result shows that p-value t-test statistic score is 0,00 (<0,05). It means there is a significant difference of entrepreneurship skill on Senior High SchoolStudents after given the potency and entrepreneurship (PPE) training. It has shown theeffectiveness of potency and entrepreneurship training (PPE) to increase the student'sentrepreneurship skill.

Keyword :

entrepreneurship, potency and entrepreneurship (PPE) training, senior high school students,

References :

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