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Journal of Basic Medical Veterinary [JBMV]

ISSN : 2302-6820

Volume 4 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2015-06

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  1. Anthelmintic activity of bermuda grass (cynodon dactylon) ethanol extract on ascaridia galli by in vitro
  2. The effect combination of guava leaf (psidium guajava l.) and sambiloto leaf (andrographis paniculata) on total and diffcount leucocyte of mice (mus musculus) exposed to heat stress
  3. Effect of meniran (phyllanthus niruri, linn.) infusion on white pulp spleen diameter of vibrio anguillarum infected gouramy fish
  4. Dipping of meniran infusion (phyllantus niruri) on gourame (osphronemus gouramy) infected with vibrio anguillarum toward the level of hemoglobin, packed cell volume and number of erythrocytes
  5. Effect of propolis toward the number and type of blood leucocyte count of male mice (mus musculus)
  6. Effect of cigarette smoke on type ii pycnotic cells at intralveolar septa of mice treated by aromatherapy extract of hibiscus sabdariffa calyx
  7. Immunomodulator effect of sambiloto (andrographis paniculata) to total and differential counting of leucocytes in mice (mus musculus) exposed to heat stress
  8. Effect of guava leaves (psidium guajava l.) extract on total and differential count of leucocytes in mice (mus musculus) exposed to heat stress
  9. Most probable number (mpn) of escherichia coli isolated from water used by the food vendors around campus of veterinary medicine faculty of airlangga university
  10. Leukocyte count and differential leukocyte count of african catfish (clarias gariepinus) after infected by aeromanas hydrophila
  11. A method of the collection of data comparison immunohisto¬chemistry use photoshop cs5© with the convensional scoring method in an antigen quantification of the virus and to the lungs of h5n1 antigen chtlia chicken
  12. Mozart classical music phenomenon : study histology gyrus of the brain as reflection of intelligentsia in the mus musculus