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Journal of Basic Medical Veterinary [JBMV]

ISSN : 2302-6820

Volume 5 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2016-06

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  1. The effect of giving shallot extract (allium ascalonicum l) to histopathological feature of rat (rattus norvegicus) liver induced by alloxan
  2. The effect repeated exposures artemisinin of white pulp diameter and spleen index on mice (mus musculus) which infected by plasmodium berghei
  3. The effect of ambon banana hump (musa paradisiaca var. sapientum) extract on histopathologic of rats (rattus norvegicus) jejunum inflammatory bowel disease
  4. Effects of propolis on histology profile of kidney in male mice (mus musculus)
  5. Reactivity test of 30 kda protein aeromonas hydrophila, isolated by freshwater fish with indirect elisa
  6. Antibacterial activity of bitter leaf extract (andrographis panicullata, nees) against staphylococcus aureus isolates field with in vitro method
  7. Effect extract spirulina platensis on kidney histopathology of gouramy fish (osphronemus gouramylac.) infected with aeromonas hydrophila
  8. Isolation and identification of salmonella sp. on beef of cattle slaughtered at pegirian abattoir in surabaya
  9. Effect of laserpuncture exposure on bl-18 acupunture point’s to the level of sgot and sgpt in white rat (rattus norvegicus) were induced by paracetamol
  10. The effect of crude arthrospira sp in layer feed to optical density and immunoglobulin a levels
  11. The immersion effect of spirulina platensis extract on hepatopancreas of carp fish (osphronemus gouramy) that infected aeromonas hydrophila
  12. The effect of green bitter melon fruit flesh (momordica charantia l.) extract on mice (mus musculus) estrous cycle which superovulated with pmsg and hcg