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VetMedika Jurnal Klinik Veteriner [JKV]

ISSN : 2302-6499

Volume 6 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2017-07

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  1. The case of digestive disorders in older cat (felis catus) based on medical history records at veterinary teaching hospital faculty of veterinary medicine universitas airlangga surabaya period 2014 -2016
  2. The potential for environmental pollution from the feces of worm infected dogs in surabaya
  3. The effectivity of gel extract binahong leaf (anredera cordifolia (ten.) steenis) on the incision wound in mice (mus musculus) by observation of wound area leangth and wound healing
  4. The effect of laserpuncture on heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and energy cost of locomotion of indonesian thoroughbred horse
  5. Comparison of hematologic value between kintamani dogs (canis lupus familiaris) and local dogs (canis familiaris)
  6. The effect of kikolod (isotoma longiflora (l) presl.) leave's extractto histopatology of incision wound healing in mice (mus musculus)
  7. The effect of okra (abelmoschus esculentus) extract ointment on topically on the rate wound healing process of skin burn on rat (rattus norvegicus) as model animals
  8. The influence of gel extract binahong leaf (anredera cordifolia (ten.) steenis) to observe macrophague cells and burn wound diameter degree ii in mice (mus musculus)
  9. Effectiveness of binahong leaves gel extract (anredera cordifolia (ten.) steenis) to reduce the number of pmn cells in incision wound healing processes of male mice (mus musculus)