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VetMedika Jurnal Klinik Veteriner

ISSN 2302-6499

Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2013-06

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Original Article :

The effect of pomegranate extract (punica granatum linn) on hepatic histopathology of nephrotoxicity white rats (rattus norvegicus) induced by gentamicin

Author :

  1. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto*1
  2. Wiwik Misaco Yuniarti*2
  3. Friska Yuliani*3
  4. Hario Puntodewo*4
  5. Kusnoto*5
  1. Department of Clinical Science Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University
  2. Department of Clinical Science Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University
  3. Student of Veterinary Medicine
  4. Department of Veterinary Public Health Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University
  5. Department of Veterinary Parasitology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Airlangga University

Abstract :

This research was aimed to know the effect of pomegranate extract on hepatic histopathology of white male rats whose suffered due to the induction of gentamicin. 24 white  male rats, 2,5 months age and weight 150-200 gram were divided into four groups. Control group (P0), P1 group which treated with sodium CMC 0,3% orally and intraperitoneally gentamicin, P2 group with applied pure ellagic acid and sodium CMC 0,3% orally and intraperitoneally gentamicin, P3 group with applied pomegranate extract and sodium CMC 0,3% orally and intraperitoneally gentamicin. All research were conducted at observation for up to 8 days and take the rat’s hepar by laparotomi. The results of statistical analysis on hepatic histopathology showed that P0 as a control is significant with P1 and P3 but not significant with P2. According to this research, pomegranate extract has no negative effect on hepatic histopathology.

Keyword :

Pomegranate extract, Nephrotoxicity, Hepatic histopathology,

References :

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Volume : 1 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2013-01
  1. The Effect Of Pomegranate Extract (punica Granatum Linn) On Hepatic Histopathology Of Nephrotoxicity White Rats (rattus Norvegicus) Induced By Gentamicin
  2. The Effect Of Pomegranate Extract (punica Granatum Linn) On Blood Sodium And Potassium Levels Of White Rats (rattus Norvegicus) With Impaired Nephrotoxicity By Gentamicin-induced
  3. The Effect Of Pomegranate Extract On Blood Urea Nitrogen (bun), And Creatinin Serum In White Rat (rattus Norvegicus) Acute Renal Failure Processes
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