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Jurnal Penelitian Medika Eksakta

ISSN 1411-6626

Vol. 8 / No. 2 / Published : 2009-08

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Original Article :

Mini ipal making for domestic detergent wastewater

Author :

  1. Faidur Rochman*1

Abstract :

ABSTRACT It has been investigated, the wastewater treatment of anionic detergent with electroflotation methods. This method is very impotent be investigate, because some other methods unable to maximum reducing detergent wastewater that accumulated on water bodies especially on water river. Detergent wastewater samples made from sodium laurylsulphat technique and it was solved with water of municipal water corporation (PAM), with about 100 ppm concentration. The electrode that was used on electroflotation process, making from aluminum metal that oxidized with sulphuric acid 10 % (v/v), be came Al2O3. The first step for IPAL MINI made, is to design of electrode column. The best design from tree models, is Parallel in row with horizontal position. The optimum condition of the electroflotation process was maintained when detergent wastewater be flowed at 72 liters/hour and DC electric current with 8 A. The correlation between recycle time and Reduction Power of IPAL DETANDO, colud be formulated with logarithmic function y = 15.44ln(x) + 51.31, with R² = 0.993. Base on this equation, the IPAL DETANDO capable to reducing detergent wastewater maintain 97% (w/v). for 72 l/hour flowrate, with 20 times of waste recycling.

Keyword :

anionic detergent, domestic wastewater, electroflotation,

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