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Jurnal Urologi Universitas Airlangga

ISSN 23026480

Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-01

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Original Article :

Bilateral congenital primary obstructive megaureter

Author :

  1. Syakri Syahrir*1
  2. Adi Santoso*2
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Abstract :

congenital primary obstructive megaureter due to bilateral ureterovesical junction obstruction is a rare condition. we report a case megaureter with diagnostic and therapeutic problem. a two years old boy presented mass in the abdomen. he did not complain about micturition. the creatinin serum was 0.3 mg/dl. ultrasound demonstrated severe hidonephrosis on the left side and moderate hidronephrosis on the right side. intravenous pyelography show nonvisualised on the left kidney with ground glass appearance in the pelvic cavity result obstructed at the distal right ureter and ureterohydronephrosis right side. renal scintigraphy show severe renal failure left side and obstruction on the right kidney. cystoscopy appearance normal orifice. on 28th april 2008 he underwent tapering and reimplantasion of left ureter. the next operation one month after the first operation, he underwent sistoscopy and end to end anastomose right ureter. the patient's post operative course was uneventful.

Keyword :

obstructive megaureter, ureterovesical junction obstruction, no data, no data, no data,

References :

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Volume : 1 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2013-01
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