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Vol. 11 / No. 1 / Published : 2014-03

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Submaximal-intensity exercise and salmon calcitonin improve bone density in growing rat

Author :

  1. Heru Syarli Lesmana*1
  2. Choesnan Effendi*2
  3. Gadis Meinar Sari*3
  1. Mahasiswa Pasca Sarjana
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran
  3. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran

Abstract :

Bone is a complex tissue consisting of cells and matrix. Mass and thick bone mass has a dynamic addition and subtraction through the process of remodeling (bone matrix absorbed and formed again). Bone is formated by osteoblast cell and resorption by osteoclast cell. Osteoblasts produce a matrix of osteoid, which is composed mainly of Type I collagen, and  osteoclat removes bone tissue by removing its mineralized matrix and breaking up the organic bone. Bone remodeling purpose to defend shape and structure of bone. The purpose of this study is to prove that submaximal-Intensity exercise and salmon calcitonin improve bone density in growing  rat. This research method uses design of The Randomize Post Test Only Control Group Design. We compered femur bone density in 24 male norvegicus rats aged 6 weeks that were devided into 4 groups: controls, calsitonin, exercise, combine. Exercise group swam 3 times a week in submaxsimal intensity, calsitonin group injected synthetic salmon calcitonin 2 IU/100gram of rat weight everyday and combine group did both of it. After 8 weeks, rat femur bone density measured using ultrasound. The result: there are significant differences in bone density between group 1 (control) and group 4 (combine) with p = 0.001, thus the p value <0.05 indicates that there is a significant difference to the average density in both groups. While comparisons to other groups found no significant difference because the value of p> 0.05. The benefits of this research are calcitonin salmon and submaximal-Intensity exercise increase the density bone in the growth period. High bone density is mean the bone is strong and healt, not porous and fragile so decrease bone fracture risk. Increase the bone density in of growth period make the bone get the best mass, and avoid from early osteoporosis.   Keywords: calcitonin salmon, submaximal-Intensity Exercise, bone density

Keyword :

Calcitonin salmon, submaximal-intensity Exercise, Bone density,

References :

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Volume : 11 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2014-03
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