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Majalah Ilmu Faal Indonesia [MIFI]

ISSN : 0215-1995

Volume 8 / Nomor : 3 / Published : 2009-06

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  1. the effect of several  soybean (glycine max l.merr) extracts to food intake, body weight and cholecystokinin plasma in rats
  2. Calorie intake and energy expenditure of orangutans at reintroduction orangutan project center, wanariset samboja-east kalimantan
  3. high calorie diet to develop obese animal model in cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis)
  4. The difference of triglyceride rate between body language member and high impact member after feeding before doing body language and high impact exercise
  5. Muscle strength, endurance, explosive power and flexibility profile of bandung rhytmic gymnastics athlete according to standard of koni (national sports comittee of indonesia)
  6. role of adiponectin on blood pressure regulation in elderly women with primary hypertension who engage in regular exercise
  7. the usage of non-antropometric working equipments on worker at tpa suwung
  8. body mass index and cardiorespiration endurance on 1st grade student of school of medicine udayana university
  9. perbedaan asupan energi, zat gizi dan indeks massa tubuh  antara sebelum dengan selama puasa ramadan pada anggota militer
  10. the effect differences between the progressive resistance exercise and the osteoporosis preventing exercise on the bone density of elderly women in indonesia
  11. Perbedaan persentase lemak tubuh antara metode bod pod dan metode skinfold caliper
  12. acute effect of blood donation to vo2 max in routine blood donor from bio farma blood donor group