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Media Kedokteran Hewan [MKH]

ISSN : 2015-8930

Volume 25 / Nomor : 3 / Published : 2009-01

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  1. Evaluation Of Fracture Healing Of Radius Bone Stabylized Using Intramedullar Pin And Modified External Fixator
  2. Isolation Of Spesific Protein Of Toxocara Canis And Its The Evaluation To Diagnosis Toxocariasis At Animal Experimental With Elisa Technique
  3. Percentase Of Jimbrana Virus Infected Cells In Lymphocyted Culture And Spleen Lymphocyte Of Bali Catle (berata)
  4. The Chemopreventive Effect Of Chitosan And Cordyceps Mycellium On The Expression Of Cox-2 Protein And The Delopment Of Mamary Tumor In Spraque Dawley Rat Induced By 7,12 Dimethylbenz
  5. The Role Of Na, Ca And K Ion Chanel Of Acupuncture Analgesic Mechanism In Zusanli Point Of Rat
  6. The Quality Of Retrieverc Dog Frozen Semen In Tris Egg Yolk Extender With Different Glycerol And Xylosa
  7. Testosteron Concentrate Of White Rat After Injection By Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 Complex Of Goat Seminal Plasma
  8. Utilization Of Animal By Product To Meet The Requirement Of Critical Amino Acid For Increasing Body Weight Gain And Consumption And Reducing Feed Conversion In Broiler
  9. Digestible consumption of dry matter in haylage complete feed of ongole crossbreed steers
  10. Blood Cell Profile Of Maleo Bird Raised Ex Situ Concervation