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ISSN 2302-0725

Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-07

Order : 5, and page :31 - 42

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Pengaruh gliserin dan propilenglikol terhadap karakteristik fisik, kimia dan spf sediaan krim tipe o/w ekstrak biji kakao (theobroma cacao l.) (kadar ekstrak kakao 10%, 15% dan 20%)

Author :

  1. Esti Hendradi*1
  2. Uswatun Chasanah*2
  3. Tiara Indriani*3
  4. Fidela Fionayuristy*4
  1. Dosen Fakultas Farmasi
  2. Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi
  3. Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi
  4. Mahasiswa Fakultas Farmasi

Abstract :

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao Linn) is a model of plant that processed products can be used for cosmetic base materials .This study is aimed to determine the effect of humectants glycerin and propilenglycol the physical characteristics, pH, and acceptability by indicating the SPF cream O/W type of with extract cocoa at concentrations of 10 %, 15 %, and 20 %. The evaluations were including the emulsion type, organoleptic, viscosity, pH and SPF value. The results of all types of cream O/W was as follows: Organoleptic observations preparations with 10 % glycerin humectant (IA), 15% (IB) and 20 % (IC) as well as the preparation with 10 % propilenglycol as humectant (IIA), 15% (IIB) and 20% (IIC) had a soft texture, cocoa smell and brown color preparation. Results of One - Way ANOVA analysis for viscosity creams with glycerin was significantly different for IA and IC preparations. While viscosity between preparations using humectants propilenglycol namely IIA, IIB and IIC were not significantly different. Value of pH with different levels of cocoa extract with glycerin and propilenglycol preparations obtained significant differences, pH between preparations with glycerin and cocoa propilenglycol with the same extract concentration was not significantly different. For SPF values all formulas resulted very small value ie below 2. Acceptability for almost all formulas were above 70 %, except for the formula IC for ease of flattened value was less than 70%. Based on the results, the best formula was Formula IIC.

Keyword :

cocoa seed extract, glycerin, sun protection factor SPF, propylene glycol, cream,

References :

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Volume : 2 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2013-07
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