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Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2012-08

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Original Article :

The struggle to overcome war fear in "the things they carried" novel: using new criticism approach

Author :

  1. Rizal Aditya*1
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

The major problem discussed in this article is O’Brien’s struggle to overcome his traumatic fear when becoming a soldier in Vietnam War as presented in the novel entitled The Things They Carried written by Tim O’Brien. This Novel is an autobiography of the author about his experience when became a soldier in Vietnam War. The objective is to describe O’Brien’s struggle against his traumatic experience of fear when experiencing serious sufferings in the Vietnam War.  The method used to collect the data is library research and the one for the data analysis is descriptive by using intrinsic theory proposed by Rene Wellek and Austin Warren, especially focusing on intrinsic elements of the novel. The research result shows that based on the intrinsic analysis covering the plot, characterization, and setting,   Tim O’Brien as the antagonist of the novel is a powerful struggle soldier against dangerously war fear although he himself was seriously wounded, suffered from serious pain physically and mentally, and even his friends had been killed tragically.

Keyword :

Characterization, New Criticism, Plot, Struggle, War Fear,

References :

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