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Journal Of Emergency

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Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-07

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The effect of hyperthermia as a remote hyperthermic preconditioning (rhp) on viability of random pattern skin flap in rat

Author :

  1. Sigit Wahyu Jatmiko*1
  2. David S Perdanakusuma*2
  1. Mahasiswa
  2. Dosen

Abstract :

Background  : Vascular supply  has a main role  in flap survival.  Nutrition was delivered to a tip of flap by interconnecting subdermal plexus. The  nutrition brought by it’s vascular supply sould be sufficient to keep the viability of  flap. In the context of flap viability, angiogenesis process is needed to maintain vascular blood supply because some pre-existing vessel was interrupted by elevation of  cutaneous flap. Remote Hyperthermic Preconditioning (RHP) is a procedure that can stimulate  VEGF expression and stimulate  HSP-70 secretion.  VEGF as a dominant growth factor for angiogenesis and HSP-70 as a protein chaperon play a predominant role to upregulation plasminogen activator and acceleration of recanalization microvascular  for angiogenesis and anti apoptosis effect resulting improvement of  flap viability.     Methods : Random pattern skin flap was made by elevation along 1cm X 4 cm on  abdominal skin of 32 adult Winstar Rats using mess and metzembaum. They were divided into two sample groups. One was underwent without RHP (as control group) and second group was underwent RHP (as treatment group) . RHP procedure was done by exposuring right posterior extremity into 500 C waterbath for 3 seconds. Clinical evaluation was done by measuring necrotic area with visitrax, and angiogenesis evaluation by  immunohistochemically using VEGF antibody.   Result : Remote hyperthermic preconditioning (RHP) decrease necrotic area and increase angiogenesis process.   Conclusion: Remote hyperthermic preconditioning (RHP) procedure improve viability of  skin flap  rather than non RHP  procedures.  

Keyword :

Random pattern skin flap, remote hyperthermic preconditioning, HSP-70, VEGF, angiogenesis,

References :

  1. Addison P, Neligan P, Ashrafpour H, Khan A, Zhong A, Moses M, Forrest C, Pang C, (2003). Noninvasive Remote Ischemic Preconditioning for Global Protection of Skeletal Muscle Against Infarction. Toronto : Toronto
  2. Bailey AS, Jiang S, Afentoulis M, et al, (2006). Myeloid Lineage Progenitors Give Risen to Vascular Endothelium. USA : Proc Natl Acad Sci


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Volume : 2 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2013-12
  1. The effect of hyperthermia as a remote hyperthermic preconditioning (rhp) on viability of random pattern skin flap in rat
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